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What's Next 

No sooner do we get over Christmas and New Year than those of us in the personalised product space need to start thinking about what's next. Due to the personalised nature of all our products we need to allow for both processing times and shipping times.

So the "what's next" for today is Australia Day! 

First Australia Day

You only get one chance to celebrate your little one's first Australia Day, so why not do it in style with a First Australia Day onesie! Don't worry if you have a little boy - the flower will be left off the design to make it more boyish :)

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Can you read those 3 words without automatically adding in "oi oi oi" on the end? I know I can't! And I have a 3 week Contiki trips  around Europe to blame for that. I'm quite embarrassed thinking back now about how many times that little phrase was yelled out!

These designs are great as not only are they great for Australia Day but they can be worn all year round. My nieces and nephew who live in the States definitely give their shirts a work out all year round.

Koalas and Kangaroos Oh My

These two designs are super cute and can both be personalised with your little one's name. Again these two are great as they can be worn all year round. And don't forget that if you buy a short sleeve version you can always just layer it with either a long sleeve tshirt underneath or a little cardigan over the top. Or both if you live somewhere other than Queensland!


Onesies are available in sizes 0-3 months (000), 3-6 months (00) and 6-12 months (0) for both boys and girls. Boys tshirts range from size 1 through to size 4. Girls tshirts start at size 1 and go through to size 7.

Processing Times

Processing times at the moment are down to a week or so, so if you get in quick and order now there's no need to choose express post.

Where to Buy

You can view the full range of Australia Day items and purchase at



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